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Where will their imagination take you?

At the Royal Garden Hotel we believe that igniting imagination and building everlasting memories are key for the perfect family break, and with our family-friendly promise, welcoming environment and ideal location, we make sure your children feel right at home from the moment they arrive.


Some of the best museums in the world are within easy walking distance of our hotel, so keeping the little ones entertained couldn’t be easier. From the wonders of nature, to the wonders of human invention, there is more than enough to spark your child’s imagination whilst learning something yourself too!

Your children can experience and learn about the majesty of the world up close, as they see the dinosaurs at the Natural History Museum, travel through space at the Science Museum and get creative at the Victoria and Albert. The phenomena of museums can even fuel their ambitions to grow up and become a host of amazing occupations. Whether it be a palaeontologist, an astronaut, or a famous artist, either way the opportunities to let your children’s imaginations roam free are endless.

Kensington Gardens

Spending time outdoors has infinite possibilities for your child to get involved with imaginative play. The natural world can inspire them to get creative whilst reaping all the benefits of fresh air… and what better place to be, than neighbours to the beautiful Kensington Gardens?

Your little ones can become professional racers as they whizz round the park on our micro-scooters, they can jump on-board a pirate ship at Diana’s Memorial Playground or become an architect as they build castles in the sand.

Wherever their imaginations take them, rest assured they will enjoy the many marvels of Kensington Gardens.

Kensington Palace

Another neighbour and just a few minutes’ walk away from our hotel doors, is the magnificent Kensington Palace.

The palace offers the chance to breathe in the history of this 17th-century royal residence while your little ones get to become prince and princesses for the day. They can learn all the stories behind some of Britain's most famous monarchs as they pretend to rule to land. You can even visit the café for a quick bite to eat, with food fit for a king or queen.

Royal Garden Hotel

The fun doesn’t have to stop there either! Your children can head to their rooms with their very own key cards and act out or draw up all of their fascinating adventures, using the toys from their backpacks. They can also continue their imaginative play inside their wigwam play tents...

Wigwam play tents provided by Big Game Hunters, create a child's very own play space, which is even more valuable when away from home in an unfamiliar place. When the time comes to settle down, the tents can even serve as a quiet corner to relax in, whilst reading one of the many books we have to offer. Either way, it is extremely popular with our little guests from the moment they walk into the room, which helps give you some relaxing time of your own!

A big adventure and lots of exploring can leave your children very hungry, so to fuel their little imaginations, you can order our delicious Food and Flicks Package. Consisting of 24hrs of unlimited movies along with a food platter and refreshments that are delivered to your room, these delicious snacks are sure to go down well with kids! But don't worry, if they want to choose their own snacks instead, they can take control and order from their very own Children's Room Service menu. 

To show you just how wonderful museums and imaginative play can be, we will be interviewing passionate professionals to inspire your little ones. Every month you can read a new blog on the importance of imagination and gather advice for your children wanting to work in various industries. Make sure you keep an eye out for them here!

So the question is, where will their imagination take you at the Royal Garden Hotel?

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