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With so many incredible London attractions for the whole family, it can be hard to decide what to do during your stay. No matter who you are planning your stay with, the fantastic diversity of the museums mean you'll always have something to do regardless of what the weather is like.

Kensington's beautiful winding streets mean it's an incredible place to be all year-round, but in the sun it is almost magical.

Aside from being stunning to look at, Kensington also has plenty to see and do during your stay with us. Just a short walk away from our hotel, you'll find a number of incredible museums that are perfect for you and your family.

Natural History Museum

For the ultimate family day out, head to the Natural History Museum. There are a wide variety of exhibitions and workshops to keep people of all ages amused. Throughout May your little ones can be scientists for the day and take part in Behind the Scenes: Spirit Collection or Investigate for Families.  

Sensational Butterflies allows guests to get up close to these beautiful insects and explore a wide variety of species that have been ethically sourced from around the world.

Science Museum

If you think science is nothing but learning the periodic table, then think again. The Science Museum promises to take you and your family on an adventure through this fascinating subject, and far away from the classroom.

During May, you'll be able to explore what it's like to be an engineer. Made up of a number of different activities, Engineer your Future will have you doing everything from designing a space rover to testing your brain power. The IMAX Theatre also means you can pick from a bustling programme of films to watch, including Robots 3D and A Beautiful Planet 3D.


For a more grown-up visit, the V&A museum has a fantastic programme of exhibitions this summer. May sees the start of the Pink Floyd display, which will take guests on a visual journey charting the success of the legendary band. You'll also get the chance to see the Prix Pictet exhibition and the highlights from this year's competition. The prize is widely recognised as the world's most prestigious photography award and looks to draw attention to issues of sustainability.

Design Museum

Our new neighbours, the Design Museum have opened with an incredible programme of displays for guests to see. The signature exhibition Design Maker User showcases nearly 1,000 pieces from a wide range of art disciplines. From a crowdsourced wall to interactive designs, you'll be able to see the evolution of design and how it has been impacted by the digital world.

Throughout May you'll be able to explore the Imagine Moscow display, which looks at the journey the Russian city went on after the Revolution. This month will also see the opening of the first exhibition that chronicles the global reach of America's mid-century modernism in 'Designed in California'.    

Diana's dresses

Not to be missed during May, is the Diana's dresses exhibition at Kensington Palace. The display looks at the evolution of Princess Diana's style. Featuring some of her more demure outfits, as well as her glamourous and romantic attire, this extraordinary collection of garments should not be missed.

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