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As the summer approaches, it's a great time to plan some time away with your family. London is a special place at any time of year, but during the warmer months, you can make the most of everything the city has to offer.

With its beautiful outdoor spaces, summer is a fantastic time of year to have a break in London. Kensington's winding cobbled streets and greenery make it a perfect spot to stay. You can enjoy the variety of restaurants and shopping outlets, but one of the borough's highlights is undoubtedly its collection of world-class museums.

Natural History Museum

This month will see the re-opening of the beautiful Hintze Hall, allowing visitors to once again marvel at the splendour of neo-Romanesque architecture and design. The area has been closed to allow a £12 million rejuvenation project to take place, which will see the iconic 'Dippy' dinosaur cast replaced with an actual blue whale skeleton.

The controversial move may be hard for some, but will allow the museum to tell a unique story about the relationship between us and the natural world. The skeleton is that of a young blue whale that was harpooned and sold by a local merchant to the Natural History Museum. Putting this in pride of place will challenge people to think about the future of the scientific world, the museum's Director Sir Michael Dixon says.

To allow the final pieces of work to be completed, the entire museum will be closed on 13 July but will re-open on 14 July, with the blue whale in place.

The Science Museum

The Science Museum has a number of family-friendly tours, exhibitions and talks to choose from during the summer months. One of the highlights of its current programme is the Robots exhibit, providing a hands-on journey that shows how this technology has developed over the years. It explores the ways in which robots mirror humanity and why they were created. There's also a host of exclusive events to complement the exhibition including special child-friendly tours and the Robots Cafe.


July sees the V&A start a week-long REVEAL festival during the first few days of the month, which looks at the architecture and history of the museum itself. There is also a variety of displays that look to educate and engage its visitors, including Designing the V&A, which tells the story of the museum with original photographs and drawings.

Design Museum

From the start of July, the Design Museum will be hosting a fantastic exhibition 'Breathing Colour'. Dutch designer Hella Jongerius has created an installation-based display that explores the way colour impacts the world around us. There's also a range of talks and events happening across the month in the museum's beautiful auditorium.

Image credit: muratsenel via iStock

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