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Top free things to do in London

You don't have to shell out to have a good time in the capital - try one of these attractions!

The old stereotype of London is that it is a costly place to visit.
There is certainly truth to this, and if you come to the capital you should expect to pay a few pounds more for most things. However, that does not mean your trip has to break the bank! As well as being home to any number of pricey activities, London is packed full of free things to do. These are fun whether you are a solo traveller, a family or a group of friends!

Here are the top free things to do while out in London:

Visit a museum
For those who like a bit of culture on their days out, there is plenty to see in London's many museums. While it is polite to donate, there is no charge for entry to any of these, so they make great choices for quick outings! All of these offer an engaging time you are not likely to forget.
You could see the Rosetta Stone, the Parthenon Frieze and any number of other artifacts from history at the British Museum. Alternatively, you could take your children to see the wonderful interactive exhibits at the Science Museum or the For a more solemn outing, why not visit the Imperial War Museum?

Take a trip to a gallery
If history and science aren't your cup of tea, how about art? While some galleries charge for entry, many of the major ones in London do not. You could visit the National Portrait Gallery, for example, and view paintings of famous faces from medieval monarchs to modern celebrities. Alternatively, you could take a trip to the Tate Modern to see the nation's top collection of contemporary art.

Go landmark-hunting
Walking around London costs nothing, so why not take a stroll and take in the sight of some of the UK's most iconic landmarks? You could try to catch a glimpse of the Queen leaving Buckingham Palace, have a sandwich under Nelson's Column or get your photo taken in front of Big Ben!

Stroll around a park
While you will obviously have a better time when the weather is nice, London's many parks are definitely worth a visit. A walk around Hyde Park or through Regents Park will have you forgetting you are in the middle of one of the biggest cities in the world!

Image credit: istock _ultraforma

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