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Top 5 Essential Apps For A Trip To London

The smartphone is the ultimate accessory for the modern visitor to London enjoying a city break. Loading it up with apps in advance can be the difference between a stress-free trip and one full of challenges.

In our London survival kit post, we mentioned the Citymapper app, which is an absolute must-have for any urban adventurer. But which other apps is it useful to download ahead of your Royal Garden Hotel stay?

Visit London app

If you only add one app to your phone before arriving in the capital, the Visit London app would be a good choice. As well as guides to the top attractions, hidden gems, best food options and upcoming events, you can create personalised itineraries and offline apps. Add to that the ability to book tickets and it is something of a one-stop shop for all your London needs.

Santander Cycles app

Cycling is a fantastic way to see more of London under your own steam, stopping wherever you want, whenever you want. The Santander Cycle scheme makes the whole process of hiring a bike really simple, as there are docking stations dotted across the capital. The app tells you how to get to the nearest station and the availability of bikes there, as well as allowing you to pay and obtain release codes at the touch of a button.

Natural History Museum app

The world-famous Natural History Museum is just a 15-minute walk from Royal Garden Hotel, meaning a visit could not be any more convenient. There is only one way to enhance the experience and that is by adding Sir David Attenborough. Download the museum’s app and the voice of the legendary naturalist will guide you around the magnificent Hintze Hall and its central exhibit. Discover 4.5 billion years of natural history and the museum’s highlights with wonderfully tailored audio descriptions and behind-the-scenes insights.

Timelooper app

History fans will not be able to resist the Timelooper app, which turns locations all over London into their former incarnations. Once downloaded, you simply hold your phone up to your surroundings and see them transformed into key moments in history. From Second World War bombs dropping on Trafalgar Square in 1940 to an elephant being kept at the Tower of London during medieval times, you will be able to see London in a whole different light.

London’s Best Coffee app

It would be foolish to think that you could tackle everything that London has to offer without a regular shot of caffeine, and a disappointing coffee is hard to stomach. Never find yourself in a situation where you have to settle for a below-par brew by downloading the London's Best Coffee app. The emphasis is on independent establishments and even includes stalls and coffee trucks, meaning you will never have to settle for a cup from a chain coffee shop during your London stay.

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