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Sample the legendary Beijing duck at Min Jiang

Sample the legendary Beijing duck at Min Jiang

Getting some decent Chinese food in London is not a hard task with the capital being awash with excellent restaurants.

However, if you want to sample the finest authentic cuisine then there is no better place than Min Jiang.

This exclusive restaurant is located on the tenth floor of Royal Garden Hotel in the heart of Kensington. It provides stunning views over Kensington Palace, Hyde Park and the London skyline while serving up some truly sumptuous dishes. The piece de resistance of Min Jiang's menu is the legendary wood-fired Beijing Duck. Chefs stick to authentic cooking methods following an ancient recipe and while this has been adapted for more modern tastes over time, it remains one of the most popular options available at the restaurant.

Executive chef Steve Munkley explains that creating this dish is no easy task. Sourcing the right duck is the first challenge. The team of Min Jiang chefs looked at 24 different types of bird before deciding on a breed from Silver Hill Farm in Ireland.

It needs to have the right amount of fat under the skin before it is deemed ready. Each duck is inflated with a bicycle pump and stuffed before being glazed with a sugar syrup and then spending two days in a special drying oven. It's then on to a wood-fired oven where they are infused with applewood flavours before they are ready to be served.

The Min Jiang chefs allow you to choose how you wish to enjoy this delectable dish with a number of serving suggestions. The first serving includes crispy duck skin to be dipped in fine granulated sugar followed by homemade pancakes with sweet sauce with shredded leek and cucumber or the same with garlic paste with radish and Tientsin cabbage.

The next serving is split into four options allowing you to fully experience the balance of the duck meat: minced duck with lettuce wrap, salted vegetable soup with duck and tofu, fried rice with diced duck or fried noodles with sliced duck.

Whichever way you want to sample this simply delicious meal you can enjoy some truly spectacular views of London too.

Enjoy a whole duck for £58 or half a duck for £32. Roasting time is around 45 minutes so it is recommended to order in advance.

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