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Meet the Team: Stela Olaru

Joining six years ago, Room Service Manager Stela has seen many different guests come through the hotel’s front doors and considers a lot of them to be friends. She shared the intricacies of working in room service with us and explained what makes her work so engaging and interesting.

What is your role and how long have you been at the Royal Garden Hotel?

I am the Room Service Manager and I have been at the Royal Garden Hotel for six years.

What did you do before coming here?

I worked at Chancery Court Hotel which is now Rosewood London, for five years.  Initially I planned to work at Royal Garden for only one or two years, but with the diversity of guests and a great team around me I have found it difficult to leave.

What’s your normal daily routine?

My daily routine is to run an efficient and successful department! Assisting guests and delivering food to their rooms and managing the department from the financial side as well. I believe in hard work, dedication and determination which are keys to success. 

What sort of things can go wrong in your role?

Every day is different! From guest to guest, from phone call to phone call, it’s different. When there is a challenge it’s important to find the solution for both staff and guests as soon as possible.  I am thankful to every challenge faced because it helps build my strength and character. As a department we work very closely with other departments and I feel like we are one big happy family!

Does that extend to the guests? Do they become friends?

Absolutely! We have many regular guests. The feedback from them is that they feel like at home here. For example, we have a guest who has come here for more than 30 years. He first came when he was seven years old with his parents and now he brings his sons and they love it here. This shows that as a team and as a company we are doing a great job!

Has your team been here a long time?

Some members of our team have been working here for 10, 15 years. They are friends with the guests as they have built relationships over the years. There are guests who request for specific staff to serve them because they are so happy with the service they deliver.

Are you mentoring your team? Is the training external or on-the-job?

Training is part of our daily duties. We put a lot of effort into this and as a result we are a strong team. If there are external trainings that we can benefit from, I make sure that members of our team attend and share the knowledge with other team members.  When new starters join our team, every staff member with experience is involved in training on Room Service operations

Is your team very multinational?

I am very fortunate to work in a multinational and multicultural environment. One of the best things about it is to learn about other cultures and customs. We learn many things from each other just by talking about our countries, our backgrounds and our childhoods. You can feel real friendliness in the team because people are free to talk about whatever they like.

Does the multinational nature of your department help with the range of guests you have?

It does, a lot! Especially when some guests who speak little English need assistance; it’s so good to have staff who speak different languages so they can help these guests.

What skills do you and your team need in particular?

Passion, commitment and endurance.  We have all these attributes in our team and as well people with positive attitude which helps a lot to run the department more efficiently. For guests, supervisors and I, it’s much easier when you have a team of passionate and committed people around you. It makes such a big difference when people come to work smiling and are the same when they go home.

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