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Meet the Team: Leon

Leon is the Senior Carpenter here at the Royal Garden Hotel. He spoke to us about why he loves his work and his unusual path to joining the hotel…

What is your role and how long have you been at the hotel?

I am Senior Carpenter and I have worked here for 11 years. I started off as a handyman though! Prior to that I was travelling all over the place, running major sites here, there and everywhere.

How did you first hear about the hotel?

Purely by accident! It started off as a joke. A friend of mine used to work in the laundry department. I said to him one day as a joke: “Andy, you guys got any work going?”, forgot all about it and then five months later I found myself here.

What were your first impressions?

I have to admit, the one thing I cared about was the workshop. If the workshop was no good then I would never have joined. Fortunately, it’s huge, so it suits me just fine.

What is a usual day like?

No two days are the same. One day you can be running around the hotel, doing anything you can possibly think of, like panels. Then the next day, you’ll be downstairs just repairing tables, chairs, could be anything. Maybe that’s the beauty of it. I built my house so I enjoy it very much!

There’s a variety of tradesmen, from electricians to plumbers, to air conditioning staff – all different types. There’s usually at least ten people here every day. I deal only in the carpentry side of things – I fix and make everything. It’s not too stressful though as I have all the machinery I need to do everything. You want a table made? I’ll knock one up in a few hours!

What are the key skills you need to do your job?

Patience. You’ve got to have patience. If there is a job and it’s bugging you, don’t lose your temper. Step away from it for five minutes and then go back to it.

How would you sum up the atmosphere at the hotel?

The atmosphere is really good. I know most of the people here. There is no place I cannot go so it’s a great atmosphere. A good atmosphere is a must.

What makes this hotel different to other hotels?

I put it down to the staff. I’ve worked in a variety of hotels, like The Hilton for example, but it’s really the staff that make it as they’re all really good. And I’m not just saying it because I’m on tape! You’ve got staff that have been here 15, 20 years. People don’t leave very often so the hotel must be doing something right to keep us all here!

Why choose the Royal Garden Hotel to stay in?

The view, the atmosphere, the people. I just can’t fault it. I have a lot of friends who come here just to eat because they enjoy it so much.

What would you recommend to guests in the area?

Well, I live a 10-minute walk away from here and there’s just so much around this area. In summer time, it has to be the parks. I’d recommend speaking to our concierge though – he knows everything.

What do you get up to away from the hotel?

I usually just relax with my family. They come first before work! I have four sisters and three brothers. The house is hectic as everyone is always visiting with their children. I really like movies and television; I’m bonkers about war documentaries especially.

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