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Meet the Team

Having first worked in hotels at the age of just 16, Aaron has progressed through a stint as restaurant supervisor at the Royal Albert Hall, a degree in International and Business Management with Tourism at the University of Leeds, an internship in Florida, and several roles within the Royal Garden Hotel to his current role as Guest Services Manager. He spoke to us about why it’s the Royal Garden Hotel’s goal to make guests “the centre of our universe”.

What do you like about working at the Royal Garden hotel?

"It’s family-owned and we are like a family at the Royal Garden Hotel. It’s not only staff, it’s our guests that make this an environment that’s just amazing to work in. The number of people that are regular guests, to see those familiar faces… it’s almost like ‘welcome home’ and you have your chats, your catch-ups. For me, throughout all of my roles here, it’s somewhere I can express myself, express my personality, be an individual and have fun."

How do you figure out what it is that people want from their stay? 

"It’s a pro-active approach, we prepare for who’s coming through our doors and with that information we then tailor their stay. We want to understand the purpose of their visit, we want to know who they are, we want to understand their likes, their dislikes, what excites them."

And how do you use that information to improve guest’s trips?

"What I want to do is build up relationships with the people on our doorsteps. I recently arranged a visit down to the Design Museum so that my team can get a feel for the place and talk to our guests about their experiences there. We also arranged for around 20 of our key people who are interacting with guests, from our reservations team to our doormen, to go down to Mahiki and experience the food and the environment so that they can relay that experience to our guests."

What’s the best interaction you’ve ever had with a guest?

"The other day I got a three-page, handwritten letter from Australia from someone who wanted to wish us a Happy Easter and just keep in contact. That touched me, I was blown away!"

What do you think it is about the Royal garden hotel that makes people want to keep in touch?

"My approach to it is it’s just being you, allowing your personality to come through. Our guests enjoy an honest, truthful service and for me, that’s about those cheeky jokes in the morning, those little catch-ups that we have. You have to adapt of course, and it’s about understanding an individual’s need. If they want efficiency, to get in their room as quickly as possible, then it’s understood and that’s what you deliver."

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