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Kensington Gardens: Top monuments to spot

Located right next door to the Royal Garden Hotel, Kensington Gardens is an incredibly convenient attraction to visit. But there are far more reasons to come here than the fact that it's easy to do so, because it is home to a fantastic selection of monuments.

These are great fun to find with your family or friends, not to mention incredibly interesting. In fact, many of them provide clues into the history of the gardens and beyond, as well as ties to the UK's literary heritage and much more.

Here are some of the top monuments to find

The Peter Pan Statue
Dating all the way back to 1912, this statue celebrates one of the world's best-loved fictional characters. This statue shows the loveable Peter Pan surrounded by rabbits, squirrels, mice and even fairies.

This bronze statue was commissioned by Peter Pan's creator J M Barrie, who lived near the gardens, and built by Sir George Frampton. A modern touch is the addition of a plaque that, when you swipe it with your smartphone, gives you the chance to hear Peter talk.

You'll find the statue to the west of the Long Water.

The Albert Memorial
Without doubt, the Albert Memorial is one of London's most ornate monuments. Commemorating the death of Prince Albert, this memorial was designed by George Gilbert Scott and is an excellent example of the high-Victorian gothic style.

The level of detail on it is impressive, and by looking at these details you can find out more about the prince's passions and interests, as well as his life's achievements. You will find the monument opposite the Royal Albert Hall.

Elfin Oak
Sure to be a real hit with children, Elfin Oak is an amazing sculpture made from the hollow trunk of an oak tree. Its intricately carved with all kinds of woodland creatures real and imagined alike, including animals, elves and fairies.

Designed by Ivor Innes in 1930, the sculpture can be found next to the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Playground, which is another great place to take the kids.

How to get there 
If you are staying at Royal Garden Hotel then you are right next door to Kensington Gardens.

Image credit: istock chrisdorney

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