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We're all guilty of getting the wanderlust bug from time to time, or even - for some of us - all the time. One of the best things about travelling to new places is being able to take some incredible photos, which will bring back all the fantastic memories whenever you look at them.

Whether this is your first time in London or you're lucky enough to call it home, there are spots throughout the city that are perfect for capturing beautifully picturesque photos.

International Selfie Day is just around the corner (June 21), so there's no better excuse to get out your camera and capture some of the beauty this city has to offer.

Some of these areas are well-known attractions, but there are also many hidden surprises that you'll want to hunt down:


Offering panoramic views of London, Primrose Hill is one of the first spots you'll want to head if you're looking for that standout photo. On a clear day, you'll find Londoners from all over the city here, spreading out their coats and blankets to make the most of the fantastic views.

The combination of trees and the city skyline provide the perfect backdrop for your photos, allowing you to showcase the great contrasts of London in just one shot. With your back to the city, you'll be able to capture a selfie like no other, and one that will surely set your social media alight.


Although a lot of people head to South Bank to take a photo of London's attractions, Tower Bridge can offer you a more unusual perspective. With key landmarks such as the Shard, the Gherkin and, of course the River Thames, you can capture the heart of London's financial district in one photo. You'll also be able to see the infamous Tower of London from the bridge and the HMS Belfast.

The contrast of the roaring River Thames against the towering buildings makes for an interesting background. There's also the ornate bridge itself, which doesn't provide a view of London, but does reflect a small part of the city's history.


You don't need a listicle to tell you that St Paul's Cathedral is one of the most stunning places in all of London, but it really is worth digging your camera out for. Standing near the war memorial at Peter's Hill will give you the clearest view of the beautiful church, allowing it to be framed by the nearby greenery. The iconic red buses often pass along this road so you won't have to wait long to wait to get the perfect London backdrop for the best selfie possible.


Another obvious choice, but it may not be as simple as you think to get the ideal selfie outside the Royal Palace. With its tall golden gates, it can be difficult to capture the photo you want. You'll want to head to the outskirts of nearby Green Park for the best views of the Palace itself. However, for a slightly more artistic photo, go to the flower beds just opposite the building. Taking a photo from here will allow you to get both the beautiful Palace and all the incredible statues in frame.


Just a short walk from our hotel is the incredible Natural History Museum. Famed for its exhibitions, the institute is also popular for its brilliant buildings. Situated in the borough of Kensington, the iconic museum is surrounded by lots of greenery, making for truly unforgettable photos from any angle.

Image credit: David Mark via Pixabay

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