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Most people like to start the day with a cup of coffee, but what about taking your morning brew to the next level? In honour of National Coffee Day, which falls on the 29 September, let’s take a look at some of the more decadent coffee trends that have come about recently.

Nitro cold brew

This is coffee as you’ve never seen it before. It’s served from a keg in coffee shops or in a can, making it more reminiscent of beer. And the similarities don’t end there, as nitro cold brew coffee is served cold, meaning it’s more refreshing than regular piping hot coffee. Infused with nitrogen, it has a smooth finish and a slightly bubbly texture on the tongue.

Try Sandow's nitro on draught at Crosstown Doughnuts on Victoria Street in Westminster.

Turbo G&T

Apart from coffee, London’s biggest trend at the moment must be Gin, so it makes sense to combine the two. A turbo G&T is cold brew coffee with gin and tonic -a cocktail that is guaranteed to get your evening off to a lively start.

Sip on a turbo G&T at Modern Society if you intend to spend an evening in The City area of London.

Vietnamese egg coffee

What began as a solution to the problem of milk shortages in 1940s Vietnam has now become a delicious coffee trend across the world. Sugar is whisked up with egg yolks and poured into a shot of rich espresso to create Vietnamese egg coffee. It may sound bizarre, but aficionados swear by this thick, sweet mixture.

Stop by the retro-style Bang Bang Vietnamese Canteen, just off Tottenham Court Road, and you may become a fan too.

Coffee in a cone

Another coffee innovation borrowed from elsewhere in the world is coffee in a cone. This drink and dessert mash-up originated in South Africa and is undeniably a product of social media culture. 

The practicalities of drinking a latte out of a waffle cone are questionable, but the cone is lined with chocolate to slow down any leakage. It will certainly look cute on your Instagram feed and it scores top marks in the eco stakes too, as there’s no paper cup to dispose of afterwards.

Look out for this coffee trend at food festivals and markets throughout London.


If you’re more of a tea person, you could bridge the gap between the two hot beverages with a drink that’s made from a different part of the coffee crop. 

The husks of the coffee cherries are usually discarded once the bean has been removed, but drying them in the sun and packaging them into bags not dissimilar to teabags means you can brew them into a drink.

See if it’s your cup of tea at Kaffeine in Fitzrovia.

Image credit: Pyrosky via iStock

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