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Having some family time in London is always a fantastic idea. With so much happening in and around the city, you and your loved ones are sure to find something that suits everyone involved.

Many children have been off on half-term holidays, giving families plenty of opportunity to spend some quality time together. Pancake Day is just around the corner and it's the perfect excuse to plan a special break away with your loved ones.

There are a variety of events happening all over London that are welcoming for families. Here are our pick of the best:

Watch a Parliamentary pancake race

Although there are hundreds of pancake races that happen in London, the one at Mansion House is one of the best and most high profile. MPs from nearby Westminster join with Lords and press members to form teams of pancake flippers. The charity event is sure to bring a smile to your face as each participant has to flip pancakes continuously around the course as part of a relay team, while observing the rules of 'gentlemanly and gentlewomanly behaviour'.

The event is completely free to watch but all proceeds raised by those taking part will go to the charity Rehab, which helps people with mental and physical disabilities to lead independent lives.

Pancake and Shake Challenge at The Diner

A short walk away from Charing Cross is the Diner, which is serving up a challenge suitable for the whole family. If you can eat three chocolate chip pancakes and a chocolate milkshake in less than six minutes, you'll be victorious. If you can't, you'll have to pay for the meal, but don't worry too much because all the proceeds (£13.50 per challenge) will go to the charity Shelter to help homeless people in London.

Sample pancake delicacies

At Here East’s Canal Side on the famous Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park there are a range of vendors serving up their take on pancakes to celebrate the big day. From rosemary ones to sweet ones with all the trimmings, you'll find something to suit your tastes and maybe expand your palate at the same time.

You'll find London institutions like the Breakfast Club and the Bicycle Man, which have grown themselves a reputation on the foodie scene for their innovative take on cuisine, as well as independent coffee shops and bistros. This makes Canal Side the perfect place to head for some family time if you're looking to experience an authentic taste of local life.

Go around the world in pancakes

With a special menu just for children, My Old Dutch is the perfect place to head to for a family meal out. This fantastic restaurant serves up both sweet and savoury pancakes and has a spot right in the heart of Kensington - just a short walk away from our hotel. You can try the Butterscotch special or the Nutella hot chocolate, as well as the more run-of-the-mill sugar and lemon pancakes and a variety of other options.

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Image credit: Kirin_photo via iStock