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As a Springboard UK business partner, the Royal Garden Hotel is committed to actively promoting the Hospitality Industry and to raise awareness about the many different career opportunities that exist within our industry - in Front of House as well as behind the scenes.

Our exciting placement opportunities that we offer in key departments such as Front Office, Food and Beverage, the Kitchen, Finance, IT and Human Resources are an ideal opportunity for students to explore and experience practical aspects of working in a busy five star hotel and should provide an invaluable experience to complement their studies.

Unpaid "work experience" lasting one or more weeks as part of a college or secondary school curriculum can be arranged through our Human Resources Department. All our work experience follows the Springboard INSPIRE quality guidelines.

If you are interested in undertaking work experience or want to enquire about current work placement opportunities, please contact our Human Resources Department.

Are you a College or University looking  to team up with the Royal Garden Hotel? Please contact us here.

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