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Albert Edward (1841-1910) was the eldest son of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and later became Kind Edward VII. 
Known as Bertie all his life, he soon gained a reputation as a playboy, which he cultivated enthusiastically during his 59 years as Prince of Wales. Queen Victoria regarded her son as frivolous, indiscreet and irresponsible. Indeed, in many ways she blamed Bertie for Prince Albert’s untimely death: after an affair with an actress became the subject of newspaper gossip in 1861, Prince Albert reprimanded his son - and within two weeks was dead from typhoid. 
The Queen was inconsolable and wore mourning for the rest of her life. She withdrew from public engagements and Edward represented her at official functons. Yet she refused to grant him any political power during her lifetime. 
Bertie’s socialising, not to mention his extra-marital flings (his wife, Princess Alexandra occupied a less than prominent role in his daily routine) flourished for the remainder of the century. As well as the prominent actress Lillie Langtry and Winston Churchill’s mother Jennie Jerome, he had a long term liaison with society bellle Alice Keppel - whose great granddaughter is Camilla Parker Bowles, now Duchess of Cornwall.
As well as womanising, Bertie adored gambling, smoking cigars, hunting and shooting - all the favourite pastimes of the traditional British country gentleman. Yet he was also highly cultured and an active patron of the arts and sciences. When he finally became King, on Queen Victoria’s death in 1901, he proved a greater success than anyone had dared imagine - a fitting tribute to the man who both founded the Edwardian era and inspired Bertie’s Bar here in Kensington.

Bertie’s Bar is also available for private functions or meetings. For group reservations or more information please call 020 7361 1999 or email dining@royalgardenhotel.co.uk.


Champagne's On Ice

25% Off
25% Off

Bertie's Bar is offering 25% off Champagne Théophile and Louis Roederer every Monday to Saturday between 5-8pm, available for up to six people. 

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