The Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall

Located just ten minutes walk from the Royal Garden Hotel, the Royal Albert Hall is one of London's best-loved buildings. It is most famous for the annual Proms, but there is plenty to see here all year round, whether you simply want to get a look at this amazing building, or attend one of its events.

Why visit the Royal Albert Hall?
It might be easier to ask 'Why not visit the Royal Albert Hall?', as there are so many reasons to go there. The most obvious is that it hosts more than 350 events every year. While classical music might be the first thing that springs to mind, everything from rock concerts and award ceremonies to circus performances and tennis matches take place here, so there really is a lot to choose from!

Another major reason to come is that it is one of London's most celebrated buildings. Its grand design resembles the amphitheatres of Rome, and its interior is as lavish as you would expect.

A brief history
This Grade I listed building was the brainchild of Prince Albert, who in the 19th century aimed to create a 'central hall' which would become a hub of art and scientific understanding and appreciation. It has certainly achieved this goal!

Building work started on the hall in 1867, and it was official opened on 29 March 1871 by Queen Victoria.
What to see and do at the Royal Albert Hall

The Royal Albert Hall stages some of the most high-profile events in the capital, including award ceremonies, concerts and shows. However, you don't actually need to be attending an event to visit.
The venue is open to the public for grand tours during the day. These tours, which you can book online, last an hour and will introduce you to all the building's highlights, including the auditorium and the Queen's private suites. You will also get to hear about a few of the venue's secrets!
How to get there
To reach the Royal Albert Hall, you can simply board the number 70 bus from just outside the Royal Garden Hotel, or walk 10 minutes straight down Kensington High Street.  


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